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Graphic: Fossil Beds
Science Alive Teachers engaged
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To meet the needs of Washington State elementary teachers who must address concepts around fossils, earth changes, and energy flow through environments, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory designed a three-year teacher professional development experience in partnership with scientists at PNNL.  The program was funded by the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE's) Office of Science, Office of Workforce Development for Teachers and Scientists to enhance teachers' scientific literacy and deepen their understanding of the nature of science.

During the three-year program, expert teachers increased their own understanding of earthquakes, volcanoes, fossils, and energy flow through natural systems while being immersed in adult learning experiences in partnership with scientists from the lab. From the edge of the crater of Mt. St. Helens to the fossil beds of the John Day, the teacher leaders learned first-hand as they deepened their geoscience and environmental science content knowledge under the mentorship of PNNL scientists Janelle Downs, Shannon Goodwin, Duane Horton, and Steve Reidel.

The Earth Changes, Fossil, and Shrub Steppe Landscape Poster Lessons were developed by:

Georgia Boatman , Educational Services District 123
Erika Barrom & Susan Garrison, Sunnyside School District
Vicki Mitchell, Kennewick School District
Jenny Rieke, Art and Science Educator
Karen Wieda, PNNL
Peggy Willcuts, PNNL