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Materials Support

In the SE LASER Alliance, we have two materials centers that act as hubs for the region. These Centers house the science materials teachers need to effectively teach the inquiry-based program used in participating school districts. Kennewick School District manages the Battelle Science Resource Center (BSRC). The BSRC is managed by .

 Walla Walla School District maintains the Walla Walla Science Resource Center (WWSRC) and is managed by . Each Center is dedicated to the refurbishment and delivery of science materials on a rotation schedule (trimesters) allowing kits to be in elementary classrooms for 8 - 10 weeks.

Having access to high-quality materials students can use to investigate science in their own classroom demands a functional system of materials support such as that found in the LASER Alliances all across Washington State.

Across the SE LASER Alliance, the school districts use a common set of materials (under Documents). Although these materials may be used at different grade levels, the content is similar making it more efficient for the BSRC and the WWSRC to maintain the needed materials.  

A science kit leaves the Resource Center fully stocked with all the consumable and non-consumable materials for a class of 30 elementary students. After the unit has been taught, the classroom teacher packs up all non-consumable items as well as any unused consumable materials and sends the kit box back to the Resource Center to be cleaned and restocked. Each kit is used by three different classrooms during the course of a school year.  

Middle school kits are considerably larger in scope and materials. The Resource Center asks middle school science teachers to identify missing or needed materials at the end of each school year. Over the summer, the Resource Center purchases materials in bulk and distributes them.