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Mid-Columbia STEM Education Collaboratory

Mid-Columbia STEM Education Collaboratory logo

Founding members (Delta High School, the Southeast Washington LASER Alliance, the Yakima Valley/Tri-Cities MESA Center and PNNL have agreed to link and build upon their successes to create a project that will realize changes in the STEM education ecosystem that they cannot accomplish individually.

Together they committed themselves to the idea that a collaboration zone could be established where innovative STEM education approaches could be created, implemented, tested and studied with the local classrooms, schools and community programs in the Mid-Columbia.

Vision -

The vision of the Collaboratory is to inspire and prepare students for tomorrow's challenges through transformative STEM experiences and authentic connections to the community.

The Collaboratory's mission is to amplify and inform innovative and sustainable improvements in STEM education.

The Collaboratory's objective is to impact the educational ecosystem by identifying needs, facilitating connections, leveraging community assets and serving as a model for addressing our STEM education and workforce challenges.

Our focus is to realize student success, enhance educator effectiveness and mobilize PNNL and other community resources to support STEM education.


The high-level goals of the Collaboratory are to:

  • Enable High Standards — Support implementation of the Common Core Standards and Next Generation Science Standards, including college and career readiness.
  • Support Excellence — Build, scale and sustain exceptional STEM programs that reach all learners.
  • Spread Innovation — Create and share educational tools that serve students, educators and the community.
  • Meet Future Workforce Needs — Bridge the gap between STEM education and the ever-changing technological skills needed by employers.

PNNL is providing the "backbone operations" infrastructure to launch and implement the Collaboratory.  PNNL staff members are also taking leadership roles to establish the first set of collaboration projects targeting students, educators and the community.