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Professional Development


The Science Foundational Kit UseWorkshops for Elementary Teachers offers professional development for teachers, teacher leaders, and school district administrators. All teachers who teach science at grades K-8 are encouraged to have at least 12 hours of Foundational-Use Training on how to use the teachers' guide, the kit materials, inquiry, use of science notebooks, etc. Elementary Foundational Use training is facilitated by , the Regional Science Coordinator with ESD 123.

Professional Development
The professional development of classroom teachers, teacher leaders, and school district administrators is a critical component of any science education reform effort.

Middle School

, Science/Math Coordinator for Kennewick School District and Co-Director of the SE LASER Alliance, coordinates the efforts to train middle school teachers through the SE LASER Alliance.

SE Washington School district administrators are the building leaders for high-quality science instruction and can engage in a partnership between PNNL, the SE LASER Alliance, and ESD 123 and their teacher leaders in the STEM Leadership Network, which takes place three times a year. The focus of the Networking Sessions is on how building principals, as instructional leaders in partnership with their teacher leaders, can implement policies and practices that support research-based STEM instruction.

Training is available for teachers to develop their expertise in delivering effective science instruction.

At the State level, Washington State LASER, the Pacific Science Center, and PNNL work closely with the Association of Washington School Principals (AWSP) to provide professional development on STEM Education Leadership to principals all across Washington State.  Go to the AWSP website for information on the latest offerings on STEM education.

With funding from Battelle, Washington State LASER has presented STEM Education Leadership Institutes over the past two years. Over 25 teams have attended this event to create a multi-faceted Action Plan for STEM education for their school, district or region.  Ten of those teams were from the SE LASER Alliance:  Blue Ridge Elementary (Walla Walla), Columbia Elementary (Columbia-Burbank), Finley Elementary (Finley), Kennewick School District, Livingston Elementary (Pasco), McLoughlin Middle School (Pasco), Ochoa Middle School (Pasco), Richland School District's Middle Schools, Robinson Elementary (Pasco) and Stevens Middle School (Pasco).