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STEM Education and Work-Based Learning

College and University Work-Based Learning

PNNL offers more than a dozen different opportunities for undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate students to engage in researching the newest innovations and scientific developments in their disciplines. Each of the programs below has its own objectives, duration, enrichment activities, and compensation as well as detailed instructions on how to apply. Some positions are open year-round for new applicants and some have set deadlines, so please browse through each and find the opportunities that are best for you.

Undergraduate and Graduate Internships

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Post-Graduate Research Program

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Alternate-Sponsored Student Opportunities

PNNL also hosts several students each year in programs funded by outside sources or initiatives. These opportunities may require you to apply to an outside program and request placement with PNNL.

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STEM Education and
Work-Based Learning

STEM Education

Work-Based Learning (Fellowships and Internships)


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